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Who To Call for Water Heater Repair?

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t know who to call when your water heater breaks. You might not know the first thing about fixing a water heater, and you certainly don’t want to try to repair it yourself. So if your water heater is giving you trouble, read on for some helpful advice!…

What Are 3 Ways That You Can Tell if Your Heater is Energy Efficient

As the weather gets colder, the last thing you want to do is stuff an extra layer of warm clothing. You can avoid this by ensuring your heater is energy efficient. Heating your house or apartment in the Winter months helps keep you warm, and also helps prevent hypothermia when it becomes freezing outside. Heating repair can…

Winters Don’t Have to be so Hard On Home Plumbing Systems

Your friends here at American Way Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning have been down with a case of cabin fever for a while now, and it got us to thinking about good ways to spend time as a homeowner here in New Jersey while still locked into the clutches of wintertime.  We quickly realized that…

How to Avoid a Plumbing Emergency during Winter

Are you worried about your plumbing system as the holidays draw near? American Way is a trusted plumber in North NJ and we’re giving you some tips to avoid plumbing emergencies. We’ve witnessed firsthand the damage from a frozen pipe that burst but it can be prevented most of the time. Take it from our…

Heating Repair That Will Get You Through Winter!

Is your heater broken as a result of forgetting routine maintenance? Don’t avoid heating repair because you think you can make it through winter without it. At American Way, we’re an expert heating company and know full well you can’t endure the season without proper heat or hot water. Do you really want to find…

Advantages of a New Heater Installation

Are you struggling with deciding on a new heater installation? There are a lot of factors to consider and you may not realize what goes into choosing a new heater. Aside from budget and the size of your space, heaters are made differently for homes and businesses. American Way is here to help you weigh…

Heating Maintenance Tips

Summer has finally ended and that means the weather will be drastically changing soon. The fall season is the perfect time to test your heating system to ensure it’s functioning properly. At American Way Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we recommend heating maintenance at least once a year before the cold weather. You don’t want to…

Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Cut Down Your Energy Consumption

Did you know that you can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption bill by 5.5% to 14.5% through routine air conditioning maintenance? American Way is the expert on all residential and commercial air conditioners in North NJ, and have compiled some key air conditioning maintenance tips you can do yourself. The following are the three…

Benefits of a Professional Air Conditioner Installation

At American Way, we’ve seen our fair share of faulty air conditioning systems due to a poor air conditioner installation. It happens all the time but if you hire the right professional air conditioning company you’re guaranteed a proper installation. We can’t stress enough the benefits of a professional air conditioner installation in North NJ.…

Air Conditioning Systems Are Worth It!

It is impossible that some of your home equipment will not go bad as you continue to use them. Especially your air conditioning systems, sewer, heater, drain and more, you will eventually need repairs of that equipment. It could be that you are considering taking on these repairs all by yourself. Yet you can be…

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