Heating Maintenance Tips

heating maintenance tips

Summer has finally ended and that means the weather will be drastically changing soon. The fall season is the perfect time to test your heating system to ensure it’s functioning properly. At American Way Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we recommend heating maintenance at least once a year before the cold weather. You don’t want to wait until winter when you need to use the heater and then find out it doesn’t work or it breaks down a few weeks later. Below we go over some general heating maintenance tips to help your furnace or boiler work more efficiently.

Heating Maintenance Tips for your Boiler or Furnace:

While maintaining your system is best left to a professional HVAC contractor, there are some ways you can help maintain your boiler or furnace on your own. This includes things like air filters, checking the pilot light, and removing debris near the heater.

  • First, turn on the heat to see if it’s working. This will be one sure sign of whether or not your heater will even benefit from the DIY maintenance method.
  • It goes without saying that you need to regularly change the air filters. With all the tiny particles and dust being filtered it will eventually need to be replaced.
  • If you have an outdoor central heating and cooling unit, it’s best to cut down any debris such as weeds, bushes, grass, or anything else that may be blocking the air flow.
  • Check the pilot light on your gas boiler or furnace to make sure the flame is a clear blue.
  • Make sure there’s nothing blocking any of the vents as it could lead to a fire hazard and will stop the flow of heat to your home or business.

How can a professional HVAC company help?

Although you can do some of the maintenance yourself, there are more ways in which a professional HVAC company can help. American Way offers affordable heating maintenance services that will fit any budget. We’re highly experienced and licensed to service any make or model of commercial and residential furnaces, boilers, and central heating and cooling systems. We’ll be able to thoroughly inspect the heating and tighten or clean any loose or dirty valve, switch, coil, fan, blower, or burner. If you’d like to set up routine heating maintenance give American Way a call today!

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