What Are 3 Ways That You Can Tell if Your Heater is Energy Efficient

As the weather gets colder, the last thing you want to do is stuff an extra layer of warm clothing. You can avoid this by ensuring your heater is energy efficient. Heating your house or apartment in the Winter months helps keep you warm, and also helps prevent hypothermia when it becomes freezing outside. Heating repair can be costly, so making sure that your heating system is up-to-date and energy-efficient can help save money in the long run while keeping you comfortable at home.

Heating Efficiency Score

One way that you know if your heater is energy efficient is if there is a Heating Efficiency Score (HES). The Heating Efficiency Score tells homeowners how much their monthly gas bill would be if they were to use the Heating System in question. Heating Systems are ranked on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the most efficient and scores over 80 receiving rebates from natural gas companies. Heating efficiency is important because it is one-way people can tell how much energy they are using, so that they may modify their heating usage behavior in order to reduce energy usage and save money.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) Rating

Another way you can tell if your heater is energy efficient is by checking for an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. The AFUE rating tells homeowners how exactly efficient their system will be when operating at its peak. Heating Systems with an AFUE rating of 90 or higher are eligible for rebates on natural gas bills.

Power Ventilator Fan

The last way that you can tell if your heater is energy efficient is by checking to see if your Heating System has a Power Ventilator Fan (PVF). Heaters with PVF’s are more expensive than their non-vented counterparts, but they do provide certain benefits. One benefit of having a Heater with a PVF is the fact that it uses the hot air already present in your home so that less fuel needs to be used during operation, saving money on power bills and heating costs over time. Heaters with PVF’s are one way people can tell if their Heating System has advanced features, which helps them determine how much energy is being used. Heaters with PVF’s are also eligible for government subsidies.

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